Sierra Nevada eastside ski

After a week of yoyoing the Mammoth area frontcountry we decided to check out conditions in the mountains.  A four hour ski with my friends Tim, Andy, Dan & Janine put us six miles from, and four thousand feet above, the car.  Being that there are only two types of snow (good and excellent) one would have to say the conditions were the latter.  Lots of Northern Juncos and Clarks Nut Crackers in the Western White Pines.

Andy said he hit some rocks...?

click to see turns

Janine looking for sun and chocolate


~ by dittli on December 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sierra Nevada eastside ski”

  1. Indeed, a great day skiing high above Tioga Pass!

  2. At least 1000′ above Tioga

  3. Hello John! you did’nt know before the mountain of the Sierra Nevada in Spain! It’s quite huge and impressive!!!
    I do not know if you can read French, but yesterday i read a post in Atrapalo’s blog about the Sierra Nevada ! i give you the link because it is a very good article and maybe you can learn more about South of Spain and its mountains : ! Good reading and keep in touch!

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