Moonlight Ski

As the full moon rose over White Mountain Peak I couldn’t help but be happy to be out. A few hours earlier I had been relaxing with Leslie in the comfort of our home when the phone rang.  It was our 80 something friend Phyllis enticing me to get off the couch and go for a ski. It would have been so easy to stay by the fire, watch the moonrise out the east window, but now I was being shamed by my dear old friend.

A five minute drive and I met Philly down at the Green Church, patches of fog hung in the chilly low spots.  Out in the open plains near Layton Springs we crunched the crust for a couple of hours, stopping to let the sound of our skis fade into the night, we could hear the chatter of water foul coming from the open water. I remember my dad saying as he swung into his 90’s that “you’ve gotta keep moving”, I believe Phyllis subscribes to this thought.

Another cup of hot toddy from the thermos (the carrot Philly had dangled), shadows on the snow, keep moving.

A fullmoon rises over White Mtn Peak, White Mountains, Eastern Sierra, Mono County, Inyo Nat'l Forest, CA


~ by dittli on January 2, 2010.

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